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JPL Shellfish bringing Scotlands Finest Shellfish to Europe and Asia.

JPL Shellfish have customers across Europe including France, Spain, Portugal and Holland and are always looking to expand their customer base. We also have customers in China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The main species of shellfish we export are:


Winkles / Periwinkles (Littorina Littorea)

Peri-winkles are small marine snails that are found in large numbers along the rocky shores of Scotland. They are part of the same category or phylum as other edible sea treats such as scallop, clam, oyster, and mussel. Periwinkles feed mostly on algae and seaweed, which are high in protein, and have a very delicate taste. 

The winkles are washed and machine graded into the following three sizes:

Jumbo - 120-140 pieces/kg

Large- 180-200 pieces/kg

Medium- 300-340pieces/kg

Packaging: The winkles are washed before being packed into 25kg net sacks for transportation. We also offer them packed in 5kg and 10kg bags.

Availability: All year.


 Brown Crab

Brown Crab (Cancer Pagarus)

This species of crab is easily identified by its large black-tipped toothed pincers and characteristic ‘pie-crust’ edging. The heavy oval-shaped body is reddish-brown in colour. They are caught in traditional creels by both smaller local boats and larger vivier vessels. The crabs are landed daily across Scotland, brought back to our factory and then are sized into the following groups: 




Packaging: Crab can be supplied in 300kg insulated bins for delivery direct to processors or to export markets in 10-15kg polystyrene boxes packed with seaweed, wet newspaper and ice packs.

Availability: All year round subject to shell casting



Blue / European Lobster (Homarus gammarus)

Scottish lobster is world famous for its flavour and is even more sought after than its American cousin. It is strong and when well packed travels live to any destination. The European clawed lobster has a dark, almost blue tint to its shell, but when cooked, the lobster shell will take on a vivid coral color. Our lobster is caught in traditional pots, landed and packed to the customers requirements before dispatch. 

Packaging: The lobsters are graded into the following two sizes:


750g +

The lobsters are packed in 10kg polystyrene boxes with seaweed, saltwater-soaked newspaper and ice packs.

Availability: All Year




Hand Dived King Scallops (in the shell)


Packaging: 4-6 pieces per kilo



Queen Scallops (in the shell)


Packaging: 16 pieces per kilo


Razor fish: (Ensis Ensis)



Availability: All Year




Razor fish: (Ensis Siliqua)


Availability: All Year




Surf Clams (Spisula Solida)



Availability: All Year