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JPL Shellfish, Supplying Genuine Wild, Atlantic Salmon.

JPL Shellfish own and fish our own station then market our fish through our wholesale fish business providing total traceability from sea to customer.

JPL Shellfish now also operate a new fish tagging scheme where we tag each individual fish with our unique company details and numbers. This gives our customers full traceability, quality assurance and a guarantee of the legality of every fish. (It is now illegal to buy or sell rod caught Salmon in Scotland)

JPL Shellfish are the most northerly traditional working salmon station in Scotland. Operating between May and the end of August each year, we supply Premium bag-net quality Salmon with no bruising or scale loss. We are able to supply the UK retail & wholesale markets and export to Europe.

  • Genuine Scottish wild caught Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar)
  • Most Northerly operating Bag-netting station on mainland Britain
  • Top quality fish with no net marks or bruising

JPL Shellfish are also members of The Salmon Net Fishing Association of Scotland and operate a vouluntry six week postponement to the start of our fishing season each year to help maintain spring Salmon stocks.